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…The shampoo bottle, that is! The latest eco-friendly sensation to sweep through the natural beauty industry might possibly be shampoo and conditioner bars. Replacing the usual plastic shampoo bottles in favour of a solid bar packed with natural, hair-loving ingredients, shampoo bars and conditioner bars come with a host of benefits (think shiny, lustrous locks,

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Let’s talk clay

A natural source of all minerals used and consumed by humans, for a variety of purposes, is clay. The use of clay to draw out impurities and soothe our skin has been documented for hundreds of years. Who would have known that the soft mineral substances: a product of weathered volcanic ash could be so

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HYDROLYZED WHEAT PROTEIN Hydrolyzed wheat protein helps to reduce hair porosity and add strength to help prevent breakage, frizz and tangles. Wheat protein can also help to make your hair appear fuller so it is great for fine hair types. HYDROLYZED VEGETABLE PROTEIN Hydrolyzed vegetable protein acts a wonderful film former to help protect/coat the

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IS YOUR SCALP ACID OR ALKALINE? Unlike the inside of our bodies that should be alkaline our scalp likes a pH of between 4.5 – 5.5. The pH scale runs from 0 – 14. 0-6 is acidic while 8-14 is alkaline and number 7 in the middle is neutral. PROTECT YOUR HAIR FROM BACTERIA Natural